Citation Submissions

Citation Submissions, often known as “Online Business Directories,” are when your company is mentioned on the internet, such as on someone‘s website. It′s a lot like the old “yellow books″ in terms of offline marketing. Businesses are mentioned online and that’s why everyone nowadays refers to the Internet.

Local Citation Submissions help in rising your business in the search engine. Because the top Google results are all citation sites, it is important for SEO purposes to get listed in as many high-quality directories as possible.

Examples of Citation Sites-

  • CitySearch
  • Read Reviews
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Google My Business

Be aware of low-quality citation sites, though. We can use Moz Bar to determine a website′s domain authority, which helps us to avoid citation sites that aren′t well-known. If the domain authority is high and the spam score is low, the citation site is unlikely to be spammy.

Some of the components that can be listed in citation sites are-

  • Name of Company.
  • Name of Company and Phone number.
  • Name of Company, Address and Phone number
  • Name of Company, Address, Website and Phone number
  • Name of Company and Website
  • Phone Number etc

A complete local citation comprises your company′s name, address, and phone number, often known as your ″NAP.“ A partial citation is one that does not have all three of these elements. Sometimes you might hear of UNAP or NAPW. Here U refers to URL and W to the website. The citation link adds to the ranking value of the webpage.

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