Infographic Submissions


What is infographic submission?

Infographic Submission is the modern as well as the most effective method used for SEO all over social media. Infographics are a kind of graphical demonstration that shows little information or includes data.  The main feature is to use these infographics as the foundation of SEO. Its main aim is to generate educational graphics and pioneering in a logical way this avoiding any puzzling details.

Infographic submission guidelines

Infographic submissions is a method that is very long and time-consuming. Therefore it is important to follow some basic rules to make certain that your infographic will be available. First of all, you need to be sure to mix up the title of your infographic as much as you can with the help of the submissions. You definitely don‘t want that your novel infographic will be cannibalized on your website.  

Study guidelines carefully- These websites have some specific terms and conditions. In order to enhance your chances of getting published it is very important to study all the guidelines of the submission before getting started. Many have size, content, or format requirements.

The following advantages are provided by this approach-

  • More traffic to the website
  • Enhance social media sharing
  • Increases power of retaining user
  • High user interactivity


With the correct combination of fine investigated information and high definition graphics, GENIE TECH provides a professional infographic submission services for our reputable clients.  We make certain that your infographics are noticeable to everyone during class  submissions specifically at reputed and dependable media resources like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and much more.


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