Ping Submissions

What is ping submission?

Ping Submission Sites is a new online tool that is absolutely free and helps you to promote your website or blog. If you′re experiencing a lot of problems with your page′s indexing then you must use Ping Submission Sites. Webmasters and Bloggers are occasionally confronted with the problem of no page indexing for several days. It′s possible that it′s happening to you as well. GENIE TECH will suggest you make use of the free ping service.

How Ping Submission can be done?

Ping Submission Sites, without any doubt, provide convenience in case of zero indexing of sites, and they may be used for any type of blog or website. Many ping-service websites can be found on the internet. You should give it a try to improve your website. This type of submission can be done in a number of ways. To do so, simply follow these simple steps-

  • On a ping service website, there is no need to create an account or sign up.
  • Then you′ll need to unlock a few of the pinging sites.
  • You must provide your name, RSS feed URL, and search engine list.
  • Then press the ping or submit button.
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