Review Posting

At GENIE TECH, we do Review Posting. Review Posting refers to posting a positive review for your business across directory listings. This also means replying to an existing negative review and posting positive feedback from consumers. Some of the popular directory listings where review posting can be done are as:

We do review posting at GENIE TECH. Review posting refers to leaving a positive review for your company across multiple listings. This includes responding to an existing unfavourable review and submitting good customer feedback. Some of the most prominent directory listings where reviews can be posted include-

  • Foursquare
  • Google Business Places
  • Yahoo Local and much more.

However, because fake reviews tarnish your company′s reputation. They can be quickly recognised and removed, and are unethical as well as unlawful therefore we at GENIE TECH encourage the use of authentic and honest reviews via genuine user profiles. In the reviews, we also pay attention to the use of appropriate keywords. Apart from that, we at GENIE TECH recommend that you invite your customers to leave online reviews for you. Our main focus is on responding to negative reviews, with the understanding that a healthy criticism is welcome and that services can always be improved.

However, review posting is very important because today′s users rely largely on reviews to make decisions about local businesses before using their products or services. As a result, writing a review has a direct impact on revenue of company. Needless to say, in order to build a great reputation, business owners must focus on providing high-quality products and services. This motivates and encourages your users to post positive reviews about you too.

Positive reviews bring more people to your website, resulting in more organic traffic. They also assist in enhancing and instilling your brand′s value.

The rating of the website related to your business in the local search engines is also influenced by reviews. Positive reviews boost your SERP ranking, which results in more clients for your company.

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